Created in the summer of 2010;

this product’s notoriety is swiftly growing. We Combining an array of tasty ingredients is what captures even the most particular taste buds. These flaky artisan pastry pockets are stuffed to capacity with one of  9  unique fillings. Each patty is like having a complete meal in the palm of your hands; which definitely coins the phrase,

“The Perfect Excuse to Eat With Your Hands.”

Three Friends, whose entrepreneurial spirit and love for cooking, created this ingenious concept; trademarked and branded Poppin Patties has taken on its own identity. These fun and easy to eat treats can pop onto any menu and make a lasting impression.

With strong ties to the Shinnecock Reservation in Southampton, NY, these Afro-Indigenous young women have one vision; to make Poppin Patties a household name. Their journey began on the front porch of a twenty-four-hour convenient store.

“Everyone loves to eat good food; yet most of America is eating on the go. As moms we’re no different. But, fast food just wasn’t cutting it. We needed something that was filling, fast and full of flavor. ” –Maya Jones

“With years of experience in event production and catering, we know what it takes to please a crowd. So standing behind Poppin Patties was like second nature to us.” -Deana Smith


“Our energetic and playful personalities is what made people want to try our patties, but the delicious flavor is what kept them hooked.”-Batya Smith

This is why our marketing strategy still remains the same since the day we created this product. Our charisma is showcased through our marketing; our Poppin Promotions, Pop ups and That’s What’s Poppin Parties are optional services offered to all venues that contract to include Poppin Patties on their Menu.  

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